Thursday, 22 April 2010

Update... A big one ;)

Well, where do i start? Has been a long time since i updated this blog...

Well after making the diff guard, it was time for its event at Brickhill, near Milton Keynes.
The truck went really well, with only minor breakages... had a problem where that the brake servo vacum hose wasn't long enough after the body lift, leaving me with really hard brakes and an engine that was revving how it wanted to. Knocked a couple of trees so it has some more dents and some paint missing, but that ius what it was built for ;) Oh and a missing exhaust... VERY VERY loud!!

After brickhill i decided it needed a bumper, so using a length of 2"x4" 4mm box section and some scaffold tubing , i made this... I also incorperated recovery eyes....

I have also turned it into a half pick up, by welding the rear door behind the seats. It didn't shut properly anyway ;) not a good picture, but oh well...
Have also made a start on a roll hoop for the back, have done the main hoop, just got to finish the rear whem its finished...

I have also remade the exhaust, now has a hugggggeeee tailpipe, and it's very loud ;)

Have also added some recovery eyes into the rear bumper....
more later.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

I made a diff guard for the truck today - I did this with some 6mm angle iron - some 4mm Aluminum tread plate - i cut half way through the  angle. Then I drilled two holes in the front side of the angle to attach it to the wish bone bolts - and drilled through the bottom to bolt the tread plate to. On the crossmember the are two threaded holes - i drilled through the tread plate and screwed it through the holes... 

Friday, 9 October 2009

and a video of it driving with next to no clutch!!

The hornet at its first outing near worcester - where I burnt out the clutch...:( and lost 4 wheels nuts :( was great fun for what it lasted !!!! :)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Its yellow!!!


I have painted my Vitara yellow!

Here is the tubular rear bumper I have made for the Vitara. I have incorperated a tow ball for offroad recovery. I did this by, Cutting a little length of box section, Cutting a notch out of the bottom rail and welding the box section in to create what is know as a crush tube.

The top rail was curved by cutting a slit and bending it, then re-welding back together to recreate the strength.

I then welded a set of towball bolts through the holes to make it easier to take on and off.

Then I painted it red to match the soft top...(and that was the only paint i had ;))



I have made quite a lot of progress on the project. I have made a Straight through exhaust, Tubular rear bumper, Painted it yellow!!! among other things...

I have also fitted some flashing lights for when we go off roading...

I have fitted a 1.5 Inch lift kit from consisting of : 4x 1.5 spring spacers and 2x 1.5 front strut spacers...  Thanks Dave!!!

I needed to get some longer rear dampers, I was told to find a set of MK2 astra rears, as they are longer than standard. But next door (Mark) had a brand new set of dampers that i could have. Only problem with them was that they were a Pin - Pin fitment whereas Standard are Pin - Ring... Out came my friend Mr Angry Grinder and Mr Welder to change them around...